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Traction vs. Distraction

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Whether it’s day to day life or running a business, we all have trouble focusing on the right things at times. I used to be super guilty of this as well. I would start working on something - the phone buzzes and I looked at it, or an email popped up and I looked at it or simply thoughts of having a coffee lingered – it was one distraction or the other. It was never a seamless task to get one thing done at a time. Until, I came across the concept of Traction vs. Distraction! Let me try and explain it in its simplest form.

There are three domains of your life.

  1. You

  2. All Important Relationships

  3. Work

These three domains represent every aspect of your life. Start by identifying what you value most for each of these domains and set goals for each of them. It includes things like date night with partner every week, park time with kids everyday, call parents once a week, half hour of meditation etc. This becomes your traction list.

In general, we are all very good at goal setting at work, but never have goals for self-care or nurturing important relationships. And it’s funny because the quality of who you are, and who you have around you cheering you on in your personal life, has a huge impact on your professional life.

Everything you do, every person you talk to, every decision you make, every relationship you spend time on is either traction towards your purpose or it’s a distraction and must be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

When you begin to see everything as traction versus distraction, you realize that everything fits in either one of those two categories. It then becomes a simple task of eliminating everything that doesn’t serve the cause. Label all the action steps you must accomplish that will get you closer to your goals as traction. Label everything else as a distraction.

Once everything is labelled, start organising your calendar with everything traction. Yes, even Netflix!! By, doing this you have clear visibility of your goals, your purpose and opens your eyes to what actually matters to you, and how much time distractions take away from your life. But, remember relaxation and a self-care routine is of utmost importance. And no one is judging you on what your method of relaxation is! What works for you is what works for you!

I call this concept my vision-led time management system. With this in place, I make empowered choices of how I spend my time, who I spend it with, effectively balance work and life, and what is most important to me. I never have to say I’m busy or I don’t have time for that anymore.

I hope you find the same empowerment by reading and using this concept and ultimately - -

Live Life on Your Terms | Unleash Your Potential | Live your Dream

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