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Success comes to people who dare to dream.

From a young age we all dream to be someone, or be like someone, to own something or go someplace! Dreams are many and hopes are high.

As we grow up, we look at the world around us, things that happen around us, the way we live our lives, the way our parents or friends live their lives. Then, as young adults somehow all those dreams and hopes dilute and sometimes even diminishes.

But then comes a time in your life again, where an opportunity comes by and you just grab it. And somehow all those dreams and aspirations are back and you want to make it happen! You want to create something special and do something for yourself. Those dreams and hopes you had as a child are alive again!


You can’t be cynical about the past, or the future or your chances of making your dreams come true. It’s all about knowing that regardless of what happens – you will make it!

Until very recently I believed that it was circumstances around me that determined what happened in my life. But I was so wrong! It’s was my philosophy for my life that determined the choices and decisions I made in my life, which in turn led to the circumstances in which I found myself.

So, think carefully. What’s happening in your business right now? What’s happening in your life right now? What is your belief or philosophy in your business or life that is leading you to your results?

Think of all the excuses you make on a daily basis. Think of all the things and the people you blame for your results. Are any of the excuses or blames true?

Look around you. Times may be tough, but there are still people doing extremely well, running successful businesses and living their dream lives. Don’t compare yourself to them but look at them with intent. What are they doing differently? How is their life or business philosophy different to yours?

The answer is simple.

1. Accountability - They take accountability for each of their actions. Their actions are directional and purposeful.

2. Time - Their time is more valuable than money. You can make more money but you can’t make more time! So, they use their time wisely.

3. Showing Up - They have a goal and they have a plan to get there. And they show up every single day – regardless of the results of the previous day! And they believe they can make it because they have a solid plan and a solid philosophy that will get them to their version of success!

What is your philosophy in your business? What are your beliefs? And how can you change them today to achieve your version of success?

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