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What is Self-Leadership?

“Self-leadership is about influencing ourselves, creating the self-motivation and self-direction we need to accomplish what we want to accomplish.” - Prof. Charles C. Manz

Most people live reactive lives. They are merely responding to, or blaming the circumstances or events that happen in their lives. Nothing is planned and most of the actions taken are purely on an impulse.

On the other hand, people who practice self-leadership live conscious lives where every step they take is deliberate. It determines what they do, why they do it and whether it serves a purpose or an intent. Living by their values and the ability to take ownership, responsibility and accountability of their lives is important to them.

Self-leaders also demand constant growth through personal and professional development. They bring collaboration and innovation in everything they do. Their clarity in their purpose-driven methods leads to high-performances and quality results.

Which life have you chosen to live so far? And has that life served you well?

How will adopting self-leadership change your life and help inspire people around you?

And what changes can you make in your life today to live life on your terms, unleash your potential and live your dream life!

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