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Fear vs. Curiosity

The world is evolving at a rapid pace. With every change comes new experiences and a brand-new world of possibilities. When change is embraced and the curious mind delves in to the world of possibilities, magic happens and success begins. But, with change comes fear - fear of the unknown. When fear takes over, it kills curiosity, possibilities, innovation and success. It causes stagnation even though the world is evolving around us.

Fear, when we let it control us, can be debilitating and is completely capable of blocking our curiosity, our hunger for knowledge, our creativity and our competitive spirit. Fear at its core, is a reluctance to explore the unknown. The reason for fear could be from an incident in the past that sits in your subconscious. Or, it could be an external factor like being judged, societal pressures or having to explain your choices and actions. It could also be something unrelated and inconsequential!

Curiosity on the other hand helps us grab the world of opportunities and leverage it to our advantage. Curiosity helps us step outside our comfort zone. It’s constantly looking for possibilities and opportunities and works from the place of ‘I wonder’… ‘What if’… ‘What will happen’…etc.

There is scientific evidence to show that every time we have a thought, we give it meaning and that turns into an emotion. The emotion causes a reaction that then determines how we respond to a situation. By changing the meaning we give to a thought, we can make significant changes to our quality of actions and reactions.

What if we could acknowledge that no matter what we do, fear always exists within us? What if we understood that fear exists to showcase the passion and importance about something and serves our higher purpose?

What will happen if we embrace the fear and act anyways? And I wonder, what would happen if we could change the meaning of fear to that of curiosity?

Leaders are not born leaders. Successful people are not born successful. They have learnt to master the art of embracing their fears, stepping out of their comfort zone and acting from the place of curiosity at all times. Their curiosity to know more – the ‘what ifs’ leads them to the world or opportunities that they leverage to create the life they desire. They achieve and inspire people around them to achieve greatness!

By choosing curiosity over fear, you too can achieve greatness and ultimately –

Live Life of Your Terms | Unleash Your Potential | Live Your Dream

So, what do you choose today?

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