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Cause and Effect

You create all that happens in your world. This statement can either empower you or paralyse you. For me knowing that I can create everything that happens in my life is absolutely empowering!

In all my experience of personal development and being a coach, I see the behavioural model of Cause and Effect as most impactful. It’s also called Above the Line vs. Below the Line. Cause is above the line and Effect is below the line. It’s a model that gives you a choice to either operate from above or below the line. Sounds simple right? It is! And the power of this model is in its simplicity and when adopted it elevates your life in the most tangible way possible!

Being at cause comes from the place of responsibility, clarity, action, purpose, accountability, ownership etc. Operating from this space empowers you to open up the world of possibilities. It comes from making things happen for you – being at cause. Being at effect is operating from a place of excuses, blame, judgement, scarcity, playing the victim etc. You let life happen to you rather than for you.

The best example I can give you is someone who wants to start a business but never has. They never attempted learn the ropes of business or even tried to put a business plan together. They spend all their time blaming others, their surroundings and circumstances for their “bad luck” and lack of opportunities. This is a person at effect!

A person at cause will take responsibility, be proactive and change the circumstances in their life. They will step out of their comfort zone, do the hard work and do whatever it takes to learn how to start and run a business. There is no drama, blame and playing victim with a person who is at cause because they are in-charge and they are the drivers of their life. They believe they can achieve whatever they put their mind to and change their belief to a reality.

By being at cause, imagine the empowerment, resourcefulness, love and power you can feel! Imagine the belief that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible! And imagine knowing that you have all the resources, strength and power within you to achieve whatever you desire!

Knowing this, what would happen if you adopted this model to every aspect of your life? What would happen if you lived at cause every single day? How would you approach your work differently? How would your relationships change? What would you teach your kids and imagine the inspiration you can be to the people around you!

Empower yourself, live at cause and make life happen for you and not to you. And ultimately - -

Live Life on Your Terms | Unleash Your Potential | Live Your Dream

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